New Junior High Squad Brings Spirit to Sidelines


On Tuesday, November 9, an informational meeting was held in the library for any interested junior high students to discuss the plan for the 2021 junior high basketball cheer squad. Typically junior high cheer begins during football season but were unable to begin due to not having a coach for the team.

Guidance counselors Rachel Robinson and Katrina Brace, as well as English teacher Brooke Goerres and Registrar Sara Parks will be coaching the team this year. The coaches were ecstatic to have 14 girls interested in basketball cheer.

“I hope these girls have fun and stay interested in cheer. I also hope they learn new skills and have fun cheering for the basketball teams,” said Robinson.

In addition to Robinson, Brace agrees that these girls will gain useful skills to help them throughout high school.

“It’s important for the varsity level. Students interested in cheering at the varsity level need to know the basics of cheering and being a cheerleader in order to be successful at the higher level. Also, many of the cheers and chants repeat through the years so if they already have prior knowledge of the basics they can learn more advanced stunts, etc at the varsity level,” said Goerres.

The coaches decided to skip formal tryouts this season for the girls, and instead all interested students will be allowed to cheer. These girls will only be cheering at junior high basketball home games.

Goerres had simple advice to those students starting this season.

“Give it a shot and see if you like it. Don’t be afraid because we are all learning,” said Goerres.

Story by Ashleigh Garcia