School Board Changes

School Board Changes

Joz Kempf, Social Media Staff

At the January 10 School Board meeting, Lila Tucker of the Town of Paoli district was re-elected as the school board president. Tucker and her fellow board members are responsible for securing the well-being of th students and ensuring the improvement of Indiana schools.

“As members of the board, they employ a superintendent and pass and enforce policies,” said superintendent Greg Walker. Tucker has been a member of the School Board since 2015. Her current term ends on December 31, 2020.

Each district votes on and elects an official from their own district, but after the 2020 census revealed how quickly the Township of Paoli has been growing in recent years, they decided on a different approach.

“Each division must be within 15 percent of being equal to each other,” said Walker.

After going through three different options, they settled on keeping an officer for each district, but opening up the voting to all residents. Next fall, three of the current school board members’ terms will be ending, so school board elections will be held with this new form of election.

Story by Joz Kempf