Slugger Trip on Seventh Grade Agenda Tuesday


On Tuesday, May 10, many seventh graders will travel to the Slugger Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. 

This is the second trip for junior high students in two weeks with the first coming on May 2 for eighth graders to Spring Mill. 

The Spring Mill field trip was planned by social studies teacher Aaron Reckelhoff. On the trip the students visited the pioneer village, a nature program, the Grissom Memorial, and took a hike. 

“I hope the field trip gave students a chance to learn some valuable content in a different and fun way,” said Reckelhoff.

The Slugger Museum field trip was planned by seventh grade math teacher Kyle Chase. Students must meet the school requirements to attend the trip. Students will see and experience many interactive experiences there and teachers will incorporate their subject area into lessons before, during, and after the field trip. They will also be walking from Indiana to Kentucky by walking across the Big Four Bridge. 

“My hopes are that students see that what they are learning in school actually applies to the real world! I hope for it to be a fun-filled day in a big city,” said Chase.

Story by Lola Beavers