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Ceiling Tiles Return To Brighten Cielings

The annual ceiling tile painting project, sponsored by the PHS Art Department is underway. High school and junior high teachers were given the opportunity to purchase a painting to be created on a ceiling tile in their classroom. The tiles will be painted by art students. 

Once the count is final for the number of tiles requested by teachers, Art Teacher Chris Jones presents the list of the teachers to the students who choose which teacher they want to paint for. Teachers can also request students. The tiles are a fundraiser for the Art Department.

“I believe this is the fifth or sixth year we’ve painted ceiling tiles for staff members. We use this opportunity as a fundraiser. The money we make from the tiles goes into an account that benefits the art program. We use funds from that account to buy things all kids in the Art room can enjoy, like our Bluetooth speaker or new software or our digital art. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The teachers get some really nice, custom art pieces for their classrooms, the kids get their work out there for lots of others to see and the art department benefits from the funds we raise,” said Jones.

This project is one of the most successful fundraisers for the Art Department. In the past the project has generated funds to purchase new technology in the room, mostly for advanced art students to experiment with, and expand their mediums to work with rather than only using different types of pencils and paints. Along with the art students gaining extra practice, the teachers also gain a custom painted tile.

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