Custom Made Art Showcases Student Talents

Below the story are images of the painted ceiling tiles

This year, PHS Art Department continued their annual ceiling tile project. Art teacher Chris Jones has been participating in this project for the past six years.

“We use the Ceiling Tile Project as a fundraiser for the Art Department. We use those funds to buy extras for the Art Department, like our speaker, software, etc.” said Jones.

Each fall, Jones sends an email to teachers and staff to find out who would be interested in purchasing a ceiling tile painting. Then, a master list of interested teachers is created.

Art students choose which staff member they want to make a ceiling tile for and then they begin to get to work.

First, the students ask for any possible ideas the buyers want for their tile. Once they get an idea of what to make, they start to layout a design and begin painting.

Once the tile is done being painted, it is put in the buyer’s office or classroom for display.

This project tends to take about two weeks, but can take longer depending on how big or intricate each project is.

“This is a fun project for me because I have been able to paint ceiling tiles for both of my parents. I have gotten to make them special just for them,” said senior Max Newkirk.

The ceiling tiles cost $20 each. This year, 24 students painted a total of 26 tiles for staff members at Throop, PHS and other places within our community. The Art Department made a little over $600 from this fundraiser.

Through this project, students learn how to create art for others in a commercial manner. It helps them to gain more professional skills that they can use in their futures beyond high school.

“The goal is that our art students look how to work with a art patron to create art pieces that can be enjoyed by the public,” said Jones.

Ceiling tiles not pictured include Preston Flick and Sydney Sanders.

Senior Max Newkirk
Senior River Fleming
Junior Maddi Warren
Junior Olivia McSpadden
Junior Liliann Woodsmall
Senior Jackie Crews
Junior Lina Zheng
Senior Brandon Cook
Senior Ellie Sims
Senior Dawson Poe
Junior Tesa Paendong
Sophomore Haylie Gilliatt
Sophomore Shelby Riley
Senior Jackie Crews
Sophomore Johona Holland
Sophomore Avery Crews
Sophomore Kelly Royer
Sophomore Hannah Woolston
Sophomore Gracie McCracken
Junior Olivia McSpadden
Sophomore Taylor Patton
Junior Ruby Chesnut
Junior Dyson Nichols
Senior Nova Nichols