Chuck-a-Duck Debuts at Friday’s Game

Booster Club will be sponsoring the Chuck-a-Duck fundraiser at the boy’s basketball season opener on December 2


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Here are the Ducks for the Booster Club’s new fundraiser for boys basketball games.

River Fleming, NP Design Editor, Editor in Chief

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Booster Club will be sponsoring its first annual Chuck-a-Duck fundraiser at the boy’s basketball season opener against Henryville this Friday. 

Rubber ducks will be available for purchase during the JV game and the first quarter of the Varsity game. They will cost $2 each and will be sold at a table in the cafeteria.

During halftime of the Varsity game, fans who purchased ducks will be able to throw them toward a Ram head target on half-court. The duck that lands on or closest to the ram mascot’s eye will be the winner.

The winner will receive half the amount of money raised for the night. 

Booster Club plans to have the Chuck-a-Duck at boys’ basketball home games for the rest of the season. If the fundraiser is popular and successful, Booster Club hopes to bring Chuck-a-Duck to girls basketball home games as well. 

“This is a fun fundraiser we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We hope that the fans will look forward to playing and throwing the ducks as much as we do!” said Booster Club President Austin Benales.