Winter Concert Ahead


PHS Media Staff

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Ellie Sims, Paolite Staff Writer

The PHS concert band and choir will be putting together their annual Christmas concert to perform on December 18 at 1:30 p.m. in the Uyesugi Auditorium. The concert will include a variety of traditional and modern Christmas music.

For those attending, it is highly advised to dress formally and to be respectful to the performers by abstaining from having a camera flash or a cellular device ringer on.

For many, this is their last Christmas concert with the Paoli Concert Band after performing together for as many as six years.

“It feels a little surreal to say the least. The Christmas concert has always been a nice, fun thing to do after the stress of marching band is over. While it has never been what I look forward to most, it’s one of those small experiences that I’m going to miss doing with my band family every year. That’s why I’m going to savor every second of it one last time,” said senior A.J. Lopez.