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Walker Plans Renovation Projects

Superintendent Greg Walker is moving forward with new projects in the high school. There will be new HVAC systems and roofing, among other projects.

“In my short time here, HVAC at both buildings and the roof at the elementary have been identified as needs that need to be addressed. We will look at the funds we have available and then prioritize our needs in order to address the most significant first,” said Walker.

Later in the month, the School Board will be hearing from PHS’s bond broker by holding a meeting, where the School Board will figure out how much money we will have. The School Board will also speak with a construction company to see what problems they have identified.

“We are in the very early stages of looking at future projects at this time. The school corporation has some debt being paid off in 2020,” said Walker.


Story by Faith Wilder

English Department Changes Coming 2019-2020 School Year

A recent decision will cause changes to PHS’s English department as early as next school year. Principal Chad Johnson, Guidance Counselor Brandi Kerley and English teachers have recently mentioned bringing in more English class options for students.

As of right now, students are required to pass the ISTEP in order to graduate, but that is set to change starting next year. The Indiana Department of Education will be changing the test needed to graduate; however, it has not yet been decided what that test will be.

Because of this major change, the conversation of having a larger variety of classes was brought up in regards to the large amount of juniors and seniors who are not able to pass the ISTEP.

“We have a large population of kids who need to pass this test in order to get their diploma, and they’re not getting something in a regular English class. We’ve just got to do something to get these kids to pass,” said English teacher Carol Fullington.

These discussions have led to the addition of three classes for incoming juniors and seniors: College and Career Readiness Bridge, Etymology and Dramatic Literature.

An etymology class, or a vocabulary class that also studies the origin of words, would particularly help with students wanting to get better scores on standardized tests. The class meets state standards, so it would help a student boost their scores without having to take an AP class.

Dramatic Literature will be a replacement of Theater II. Students can take Theater I as a fine art credit and then take Dramatic Literature as an English credit. Having these different courses fits the wants and needs of different types of students. Those who want to do well on standardized tests, those who would rather take a class aimed around the arts and those in search of a class to get credits and diploma requirements.

“Right now, we’re kind of getting a feel to see what kids are interested in and see what we can do to fill their independent needs,” said Fullington.

There is not a set plan of which teachers will be teaching these classes yet. Johnson and Superintendent Greg Walker would like to get some numbers of how many students want to take these classes before making those decisions.


Story by Sara Kesterson

Eighth Graders to Witness Literature Come to Life

This year, English teacher Tammy Noble and her students have been given the opportunity to go on a field trip to see the play The Diary of Anne Frank at the Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis. They plan on leaving Wednesday, February 13 at 7:15 a.m. The actual play will begin at 10 a.m.

The play gives my students an opportunity to see and enjoy a live performance of a play. They get to see the literature we have been studying ‘come alive,’” said Noble.

After the play, the students will eat at Golden Corral for lunch. The group will return to the school around 5 p.m.

“I wrote a grant through the theatre for half price tickets for students and a Target grant to pay for our meals at Golden Corral. The entire day will only cost each student $5,” said Noble.


Story by Ashlyn Bonta

Superintendent Walker Meets with NHS Members

Superintendent Greg Walker talked to the NHS students on Wednesday, January 16 at an NHS meeting. Walker was asking for feedback from these students on how to improve our school. NHS Sponsor Melissa Higgins, NHS President Nick Douthitt and NHS Vice President EB Kerby appreciated the administration asking for the student body’s point of view.

“I really appreciated Mr. Walker taking the time to hear from the students. It is nice to have a superintendent that is truly concerned about making PHS a better place and wants to give everyone a chance to be heard,” said Kerby.

Higgins, Douthitt and Kerby were pleased with the discussion at the meeting.

“The students that spoke had good comments. The students have a different perspective on things here at school. I was kind of surprised by some of the things they said but pleasantly surprised. It was also good to hear that students see some of the same issues and problems the staff sees,” said Higgins.

Higgins, Douthitt and Kerby all are hoping this event will make a difference in our school.

‘I think our opinions will be taken into consideration but may not have a direct impact on future decisions,” said Douthitt.


Story by Faith Wilder

Valentine’s Day Delivery Policy

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, PHS wants to draw attention to their policy regarding bringing in gifts or having them sent to the school.

“No balloons are allowed in the building, and all gifts have to be sent in by noon each day,” said Secretary Barb Grabner.

On Valentine’s Day, students receiving gifts will get a pink slip from the office at some point throughout the day. Then, according to what the slip says, students will either get called out of class during seventh period or they will be asked to pick them up as they leave the building. Any clubs that are selling items for Valentine’s Day are also being asked to distribute their items directly to students instead of giving them to the front office.


Story by Michael Hannon

Wanted: Senior Tribute Photos

With every day that passes, graduation becomes closer and closer. For seniors at PHS, that means it is preparation time. All seniors need to turn in five photos for the senior tribute video. The tribute video will be played at graduation and will be for sale afterwards for $20.

“I need the photos before we go on spring break to make sure the tribute will be done on time,” said senior Madison Collins, who is making the video.

The photos can be of anything you would like, but it is required that you be in the photo. Photos can be turned in as physical copies or attached and sent in as an email. Photos are to be turned in to Collins or to media teacher Heather Nichols.


Story by Kaden Lewellyn

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