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Health Science Students to Attend HOSA Convention

On April 16-18, Paoli High School medical students will being going to the HOSA convention in Indianapolis, IN to participate in competitions, learn about HOSA and different health occupations and meet new people.

During the convention, students will be competing in competitions such as being a nursing assistant and other career skills. If they receive first, second or third place, they will go to nationals in Orlando, Florida in the summer.

“The reason I am going to HOSA is to learn more and meet new people. It is a great opportunity, and it looks good on college applications or a résumé for the future. I hope everyone will get involved in a class at the Lost River Co-op. I love my health science class, and I will be taking medical terminology next year at the Co-op. It has really opened my eyes to a lot of things,” said sophomore Libby Padgett.

For more information, visit the HOSA website at or email health science teacher Mara Eisele at


Story by  Jozalyn Kempf

Cheer Tryouts for Football Squad This Month

High school cheer tryouts for the fall of the 2019-2020 school year will take place on April 24 at 3:30 p.m. in the main gym, with winter cheer tryouts taking place sometime in September. Leading up to this event, there will be a tryout practice taking place on April 17 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. During this practice, the students trying out will learn the format of tryouts, ask questions and have time to practice.

To be accepted on to the football cheer squad, participants have to meet a minimum score when they are being judged. They will be judged on their jumps, skills, an original chant, group chants and a group cheer. They will also be judged on their appearance, spirit, knowledge and overall presentation at tryouts, as well as attendance, attitude and behavior at school.

There will be only one cheerleading squad, and the cheerleaders will not be divided into a junior varsity and varsity team. Anyone in grades 8 through 11 is welcome to come and try out.

Last season, we had five fantastic cheerleaders who cheered on the Rams to a Sectional Championship, and this year, we hope to have more students come up and support the Rams,” said high school cheer coach Heather Nichols.

Junior high cheer tryouts will take place April 17 and 18. Coach Liana Baker is looking for 6 to 10 cheerleaders to join the squad. She will being doing one squad for both basketball and football.

“I am very excited about this season. This will be my first season, start to finish, that I am the coach. I took the job last year late in the season. I am eager to have the opportunity to spend time this summer and early fall prepping for the season,” said Baker.

For more information on junior high and high school cheerleading, contact Heather Nichols or Liana Baker


Story by Gracie Walls

School Board Meeting Tonight

On Monday, April 8, the Paoli Community School Corporation will be holding a School Board meeting beginning at 6 p.m. The meeting will begin with the closed executive session followed by the regular session. The regular session will include a Throop Elementary presentation and Recognition of Students of the Month.  

One item on the agenda is to discuss making April 13 “Ruth Uyesugi Day.”

“As you may know, Mrs. Uyesugi recently passed away. They are having a memorial service for her on April 13 in the auditorium. I am asking the Board to declare that day as Ruth Uyesugi day,” said Superintendent Greg Walker.

The last item on the agenda is a presentation form Officer Doug Soltwedel discussing a possible Cadet Explorer Program.


Story by Maggie Vincent

Throwback Feature: Stout’s Return to PHS

Paoli High School alumna Cindy Stout graduated in 1978. After graduating, Stout attended IU Bloomington and studied to become a computer programmer.

After one week of attending college at IU Bloomington, Stout married her husband, Lex Stout,  and they both moved to Virginia. After moving to Virginia Stout, continued her college education until Stout’s husband decided to leave the Air Force. They decided to move back to Paoli to spend time with their families. Stout later quit school and started a family, and 16 years later, finished her teaching degree at Indiana University Southeast.

“I would not recommend quitting college that long and then going back. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done,” said Stout.

Stout has had many accomplishments throughout her life during and after high school.

“I would have to say that Ruth Uyesugi was the most influential teacher in my life, but she was also good friends with my in-laws and she went to my church. I knew her through many avenues. While a student here at PHS, I spent much of my time in her classroom or at her house working on the newspaper. However, when I started teaching here, Mr. Phil Andry was so very helpful and always willing to advise me to get me started in my career. He was also my geometry and physics teacher while I was a student. I actually worked as a TA for him my sophomore year,” said Stout.

During Stout’s high school years, she participated in track her freshman year, and played on the first girls tennis team. She played number one doubles with alumna Angie Bosley. Starting Stout’s junior year, she wrote for the sports section of the Paolite, and her senior year, she became the first female to write for the Paolite.

Stout had academic success through National Honor Society and graduating fifth in her class. Stout was fortunate to be able to play many sports and earn awards during her time at PHS. However, Stout also spent time building her family.

“I have been married 39 years to Lex Stout, and we have 2 kids. Joe Stout is 37 years old and is a day manager at FEDEX in Indianapolis. He and his wife Melissa have 3 boys, Owen, Gavin and Harrison. Our daughter, Amy Wesner, is 34 years old, and she runs the office for Silver Creek Engineering in Indianapolis. She and her husband Damien have a daughter Olivia and a son Maddox,” said Stout.

Stout has taught at Paoli for 22 years, and enjoyed each one. She has had many different experiences and opportunities throughout her lifetime. Before she was a teacher, Stout’s first real job was writing community sports stories for the town paper. She has also worked as a Pizza Hut waitress, a math lab supervisor and an elementary school aide at Throop. Despite these different jobs, her favorite has always been being a teacher.

“I have really enjoyed being a math teacher. I appreciate all the hard work my students do and all the support from my colleagues,” said Stout.


Stout is pictured today in the halls of PHS.


Story by Lili Seals

Speech Contest to be Held April 10

On Wednesday, April 10, students in advanced English and speech classes will be participating in the annual PHS Speech Contest. The contest will consist of two rounds. Students will be dismissed to Round One shortly after the morning announcements, and Round Two should end before B lunch.

Students will have the opportunity to present a piece of their choice in front of classmates and judges. Students will be scored in several categories. The categories include the following: Classic Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Policy Presentation, Oratorical, Humorous Poetry, Humorous Duo, Dramatic Duo, Original Speech, Inspirational Reading, Religious Reading, Dramatic Monologue, Dramatic Reading, Humorous Reading, Humorous Monologue and Narrative Poetry.

The category most students are participating in this year is Contemporary Poetry.

The judges for this year’s contest are Rob Brown, Janice Pickens, Gary Swick, Paul Walerczak, Steven Tate, Karie Becht, Greg Walker, Kevin Street, Janet Perry, Scott McGowen, Karen Hudelson, Ruby Crowder, Martha Nice, Bruce Hawkins, John Hutcheson, Evie Shellenberger, Jamey Sullivan and Dave Dedrick.

An awards ceremony will be held on Friday, April 12 in the Ruth Uyesugi Auditorium. Winners from each category will have the chance to present their piece to the staff and student body. Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion will be awarded to the top contestants of the entire contest.


Story by Lili Seals

Throwback Feature: Satterfield Instills Work Ethic in Performers

Color guard instructor Steve Satterfield graduated from Paoli High School in 1985. Satterfield was accepted into Indiana University and received a degree in psychology. This lead him to become a behavioral therapist for Dockside Services in Madison, Indiana. When he was in college, he became interested in color guard and has been an instructor since.

In junior high and high school, Satterfield was a part of drumline. He marched with the BlueCoats Drum and Bugle Corps from Canton, Ohio and was a world finalist. Despite his drumming success, color guard peaked his interest in college. Satterfield enjoys the appearance and outcome.

“I enjoyed the pageantry of color guard the first time I saw it and knew I wanted to be involved with this activity right away,” said Satterfield.

Satterfield found his high school instructor very demanding of him and his peers, but his color guard instructor, Kelly Stemple from New York City, inspirational.

“She was very strict and not very empathetic to students, being good at what we did,” said Satterfield.

The teaching habits of Stemple rubbed off on Satterfield as he works with his own guards. In the 29 years Satterfield has instructed, he has worked with many different schools but currently reaches 4 high schools and a university. He works with Paoli Jr Sr High School, Washington Co. Ky High School, Southwestern High School, Madison High School and Campbellsville University. Satterfield has won awards for nearly “everything there is to win.” This includes state championships for three states and the finals for each group he works for. Trophies aren’t everything to Satterfield, though. The real reward is his progressing students.

“The joy of seeing a group evolve and mature and blossom into a great performance is what makes it all worthwhile,” said Steve.

Satterfield’s work can be stressful at times. Parents and students don’t cooperate and put full effort in all the time, and when he already has so many other responsibilities, it can take a toll on him. Each group he tends to needs a lot of work apart from practices and designing the shows. No matter how much hard work is thrown at him, he sticks to lesson he learned in his own guard days.

“The other big reward I get is seeing students learn to have work ethic and learn that it takes a lot of hard work to win at anything in life,” said Satterfield.

Satterfield doesn’t intend to quit instructing anytime soon. He wishes to continuing teaching the skill and the unspoken lessons that come with it.

“Watching students become strong and confident in knowing how to work to achieve the goals they strive for is important in all aspects of their lives,” said Satterfield.



Satterfield is pictured with his color guard team.


Story by Jozalyn Kempf

Youth First Social Worker Coming to PHS

Paoli High School has put together the money needed to have the Youth First social worker be a part of our school system, starting the fall of 2019-2020 school year.  The $35,000 the school needs to provide as their portion came from the Casino Fund.

“We will now have a certified social worker to work with students and families to help meet their many needs and ensure success at school,” said Superintendent Greg Walker.  

The process is still in the beginning stages, and much more has to be determined and decided.


Story by Faith Wilder

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