Be On the Look Out For SRO Deaton

Deaton brings years of law enforcement experience to PHS


PHS Media Staff

PHS School Resource Officer Jon Deaton.

Peyton Baker, Sports Staff

On September 12, Paoli Community Schools welcomed new school resource officer Jon Deaton to the campus. 

Deaton’s goals coming into this new position are to make positive relationships with students and staff and ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone. 

Before coming to work at Paoli, Deaton had worked many jobs connected to law enforcement.  He has worked for both the Sheriff’s Department and the Paoli Police Department. He graduated from the Indiana Police Academy back in 2009 and is currently scheduled for the SRO Academy as well. 

Deaton is married to Kim and has three sons and a daughter. He is excited to work in the same school as his youngest child attends.

Deaton has simple advice for PHS students.

 “Be good, stay in school, and be nice to everyone,” said Deaton.