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Students Participate in Groundbreaking Event for House

On September 7, the construction students took part in the ground breaking ceremony for a new construction project on E. Water Street in Paoli.

The construction classes working on the project include students in Intro to construction, construction tech 1 and construction tech 2.

This will be the construction trades program’s 15th housing project in Paoli. The homes being built for this project will benefit the community with quality housing at more affordable prices.

“We are incorporating a lot of advanced building techniques to make the home very energy efficient, storm resistant, and more affordable for the future homeowners,” said Building and Trades teacher Jon Shellenberger.

Junior Chris Nunez is in his third year in the program.

“I chose this class because I feel like this is the right thing for me and I’m really excited about getting this house done because watching it all come together is pretty neat,” said Nunez.

According to a press release, “The Paoli Housing Task Force strives to build and renovate 25 homes by 2025 through partnerships with community organizations, developers and builders, financial institutions and local, state and federal programs.”

During the groundbreaking ceremony, numerous representatives from the Orange County Economic Development Partnership, the Orange County Community Foundation and the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement were also in attendance.

“One person can make a difference, but together we can make an impact. That is what we are doing today,” said Imojean Dedrick, Executive Director of the Orange County Community Foundation said in a press release.

In addition to working on the local home, the students are currently working on other projects for the school.

Keepsake Carpenters In addition to building a house, students are also working with the old gym floor to create new projects. Pictured from left: Jacob Young, Isaiah Apple, Jareth Nunez, Garret Hickman, William Baker, Ian Drake, Ashton Jones, and Preston Flick.

“We are also working on different projects in the shop at school such as building a 15 foot shuffleboard table made out of a piece of the old PHS gym floor,” said Shellenberger. “There will be many more projects that we’ll build throughout the school year but these are several that we’re currently working on.”

Story by Jeremiah Hutcheson

Building for Our Community

Building for Our Community

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By Katie May

The construction class here at Paoli Jr. Sr. High school, has been building a house for a family in our community. The students are learning essential skills along the way, that will help when they plan on getting a job in the construction field in the future.

Service Day 2017: Historical Society

For the past two years, students at PHS have participated in Service Day to try and help out the community. October 6 will be the third time students have done this.

U.S history teacher Chris Lindley will be going to the Orange County Historical Society. He and students will be getting a tour and working on cleaning and organizing the basement.

“I have been involved with it for about thirty years and love our local history. Each service day, we have done a project for the Historical Society, and since they always need help, why not do one again,” said Lindley.

Lindley hopes students will take a greater appreciation of our local history and how it connects with the larger history of our nation and state.

Lindley adds that he hopes they will finish the basement and also hopes that the students will feel like they were an asset to their community by offering their help to a local organization.


Story by Kennedy Slaten

Service Day 2017: Construction

For PHS, Service Day is a big day. Each year since 2015, students from the junior high and high school partake in various service projects for the school and for the community. This year, one group is planning on completing a large project. Jon Shellenberger, the construction tech teacher, is planning on taking a group of his students to the Orange County Recycling Co-Op here in Paoli.

“I like that the construction trades program is able to do work in the community, and in this case, support a great organization like the recycling cooperative,” said Shellenberger.

At the Orange County Recycling Co-Op, they will get rid of the old roof that is above the cardboard recycling area and replace it with a brand new one. His class has visited the center multiple times now to take measurements. To gather all the supplies needed, they purchased the material from Bender Lumber, also here in Paoli. In all, the cost for the materials will be around $900. However, for or a service project like this, it is a monumental help in the community.


Story by Michael Hannon