Newsmakers: Crews Moves to Administration Role

Amanda Crews, former junior high science teacher, has recently become the school’s new assistant principal for discipline and student evaluations.  Reprising her previous niche, she will continue working as our new disciplinary principal for Paoli for “as long as they will let me and I continue to feel like I’m contributing positively.”

Crews’ new job comes with many changes, and she is now working with kids of all levels, and she enjoys working with kids that have yet to enter their junior years despite missing the feel of a classroom every now and then.

“I am in charge of discipline at the junior high level but on a day–to–day basis I will work with students at all levels, not just junior high. There are incidents that arise that are favorable to me handling them while Mr. Neukam also has his niche to fill,” said Crews.

One of the challenges that come with this new role will be “… to learn the names of the seventh graders since I do not have them in class.”

Crews works aside Neukam, and her door is always open. In her new office she can enjoy the quietness and the organization that comes with not having to deal with so many kids at one moment in time.  Surprisingly, she still remains very busy despite this and her schedule is still akin to her previous set-ups.

“My office is much smaller than my classroom but I feel like it’s not a cluttered.  There are some days that I enjoy having the quiet of my office even though my door is always open.  Schedule is not much different because I am extremely busy with issues that arise daily.  Lunch shifts are a big part of my day,” said Crews.

Assistant Principal Amanda Crews helps seventh grader Keegan Anderson during the PHS Open House.

Story by Zach Orth
Photo by Morgan Babcock