Andry Pedals to School

Science teacher Laurie Jo Andry rides her bike to better the planet

Science teacher Laurie Jo Andry rides her bike to school. (Olivia McSpadden)

Science teacher Laurie Jo Andry is passionate about Earth’s conservation. Although a resident of a small town, Andry goes above and beyond to work toward the betterment of the planet. Starting the 2022 fall school year, Andry made it her goal to ride her electric bike to work most mornings, rather than driving her car the short distance from her house to the school. 

“I think I’ve averaged riding two days a week. I prefer to ride, but I don’t ride in the rain so that has kept me from riding for several days. Other days I haven’t ridden because I need to go someplace immediately after school or I need to bring stuff to or from school that won’t fit in my little basket, like my granddaughter,” said Andry.

Andry has wanted to ride her bike to school for many years, however, it was a challenge due to the steep hills to and from school. Because of this, a plan was formulated after her friend mentioned an electric bike, rather than a bicycle. Andry began to shop on Facebook Marketplace in search of her new transportation needs. Soon after their hunt began, the Andrys found an electric pedal-assist bike in Sellersburg. 

“Other than crashing in the parking lot one afternoon, it’s been pretty challenge-free. Of course, I don’t ride in the rain,” said Andry. “I do try to leave before school traffic starts to get too bad in the morning and after it clears out in the afternoon. Probably my biggest challenges will be the dark and the cold.”

With winter coming soon, Andry still plans to ride as long as the weather holds steady but only as long as it’s safe to do so. 

I will ride it as long as I can. But I hate cold and hate changing clothes so … probably not much longer. But this week is supposed to be nice so I might ride it for a few days. It also depends on how light it is when I need to leave for school. No need to give anyone an excuse to hit me!!” said Andry.