PHS Says: What courses should PHS offer to help students out in the real world?

Seventh grader Wyatt Ashley
“Pre AP Science and math because I want to be a conservation officer or architect.”

Seventh grader Rachel Umpleby
“More foreign languages and offer them to younger grades – active travelers and future ambassadors would need to be fluent in foreign languages. Also, swimming- it is important to know how to swim do you don’t drown.”

Freshman Alexis DeCarlo
“I wish there were classes with actual hands-on training to be an ultrasound technician because that’s what I want to do. They could show courses at the hospital or something. The class would prepare us for what we know what we all really want to be when we are older.”

Freshman Logan Love
“More dual-credit classes so I could have more free college credit in high school.”

Sophomore Alyssa Blythe
“Classes to prepare students who want to be in the military so they would give students a preview of their future in the military.”

Junior Ethan Bradshaw
“Raising live stock because I think it’s important for kids to know where their food comes from. Also if kids wanted to farm when they get older this class would help them with that.”

Junior Victoria Gibson
“A Manga drawing class that teaches students how to draw Manga characters and get good at it. I want to become a Manga artist. It will help me learn faster because I have no free time to learn it at home.”