Emma Says: Fans Should Return for Effects

In 2010, Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief came out and thrilled its audience with its action and adventure. After three years of absence, the sequel, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was finally released in August 2013.

Percy (Logan Lerman), son of Poseidon, and his friends, Annabeth, (Alexandra Daddario), daughter of Athena, and the satyr Grover, (Brandon T. Jackson) embark on a journey to recover the Golden Fleece. They face a lot of turmoil along the way, but have to power through if they want to save their home.

Not every age group has taken a liking to is, but it has been popular to younger fans. The film combines comedy and action, which makes it so popular among them.

The film lingers between making me happy to see Greek mythology getting recognized by younger audiences, to making me want to punch the writer for doing a bad job of following the book. I know most remakes do not follow the original, but this one could have done a better job, like not making the characters four years older than they are suppose to be, and making the characters look like what they are described in the book as.

Besides these negative features, the special effects were great in my opinion. They way the crew made the monsters look, was really spectacular, which is good considering the technology there is to make that possible.

At the end of the film, the writers hinted that they were making a third film. That is fantastic, and a lot of people want to see all five books made into films, but I hope they do not wait another three years. These actors will not stay young forever, and if they wait three years each time, Lerman will be nearing 30 by the final film. As hard as they try, looks do not last forever.

Story by Emma Walker