No Love for the Flag

Anti-American ideas give USA a bad image


A fat, lazy man wearing a star-spangled banner across his chest walks down a street in Baghdad.

With a burger in one hand, shotgun in another, he proudly proclaims to himself and the native occupants of the town that the entire town is his to control. In order to avoid getting a mouthful of buckshot, everyone agrees to surrender the town.

The fat man redundantly chews away at his burger, his little brain filling with pride. This is a typical American image perceived by many across the globe.

The reason behind these perceptions can be easily understood if you try to think like those people.

If some powerful country, like the United States, came into your country trying to help, you may not look at it as help. You might think it is an attempt to gain power, or maybe to make America look good.

You may also believe that your country can handle its own problems, and does not need outside assistance. You might have the wrong idea, however, but you still think that your opinion needs to be considered.

Other people just hate America. No matter what they do, they will disagree with it.

These people cannot be helped.

But they do have some evidence to support their claims that America is not the best country is the world. They will of course point out all of America’s errors, mistakes and controversies. When you criticize something that is what you do. No country is perfect. I seriously doubt that theirs is.

There will always be people that want power and wealth, and there is often little or nothing you can do about it. And those types of people can always be found in the American government. There is no denying that jerks will find a way to crawl to the top.

In conclusion, Anti-Americanism varies depending on how you look at it. Some people have valid points for their views, while others make up supposed “evidence” that doesn’t even make any sense. But before you judge these people, pretend like you are in the same situation. You never know, you might react in the same way.

Story by Chase Meehan
Art by Cassidy Daugherty