Minton Plans to Lose Locks

“As a parent, I can’t imagine going through cancer with a child once, much less a second time,” said office secretary Pam Minton.

Minton is one of the many people involved in raising funds for cancer patients such as Rohl, but will be going about this in a more interesting manner.

“I want the students to have a challenge to raise the $1000 and I will buzz my hair,” said Minton.

What? That’s nuts. Why would she buzz her hair? Doesn’t she realize how odd she will look?

“I don’t have a problem with shaving my head,” said Minton. “It’s just hair. Everyone needs to realize it is just hair. My hair will grow back. Some people dealing with cancer don’t have that option, they will lose their hair.”

Minton plans to grow her hair out until May when, if the set amount of $1000 is raised, she will buzz her head completely and donate the money raised to Rohl and his family.

If the $1000 is not raised, what money there is will still be donated to Rohl and his family and the hair will be donated to the non-profit organization, Locks of Love.

Three others, sophomore Tristan Rogers, seventh grader Emily Leone and science teacher Melissa Higgins will also be donating some of their hair in May to Locks of Love. If anyone is interested in also donating hair or money, go to Minton for more information.

Students have several ways of raising funds for Hunter and his family. Buying pieces of gum, water packets and ice cream on Wednesday are some ways to support this cause. The money raised will in the end go to help Hunter and his family.

Story by Brooklyn Dotts