News to Us: Google Docs Initiates Technological Revolution

This year is the first year for Google accounts for students and teachers at Paoli.

“(The accounts) help people get work done and to be able to get into contact with people,” said freshman Alexis Underhill.

Google Docs is used on a daily basis for most teachers, but for students they may not even know their own log in.

“The Google accounts help with communication. They make is easier to get in touch with teachers, students, administrators,” said chemistry teacher Eric Noble.

With the benefits of Google, there are some problems.

“They also make sharing documents easier, but at times, my email gets bogged down with shared documents and assignments,” said Noble.

With so many ups and downs Google accounts have, Spanish teacher Rachel Wyatt is loving the communication among emails.

“Several students have taken advantage of the correspondence,” said Wyatt.

With irresponsible students, technology assistant Stacie Durbin is kept very busy when using the Gmail accounts is required.

“The worst part I have seen with Google is students not remembering their password,” said Durbin.

“I’m so used to Microsoft Word so changing will be weird,” said freshman Ben Benninghoff.

With Google Docs there are more features, once you figure them all out. Sharing papers seems to be much easier according to Benninghoff.

“You can share stuff with teachers instead of having to print things off and giving it to them.”

No need to to print the papers, keep track of them and counting on teachers to not lose them. To turn in a paper, simply push share and type the teacher’s name.

“I think the new Google account with the Docs is a great tool for our school and students to use,” said Durbin.

Freshman Jennifer Smitley organizes her email on Gmail.

Story and Photo by Alexis DeCarlo