News to Us: Midterm grades coming up…

Midterm grades for students will come out at the end of the 9-weeks, on November 14.

Midterm grades are progress reports for students who are getting Ds and Fs in any classes. The school sends out midterms to show parents if their kids are failing any classes.

Parents and students can look up grades on the school website but if you don’t have a computer at home or you don’t have internet access all the time midterms tell students where they stand. The school will send students a copy in the mail for junior high. Students in high school will be giving progress reports during first period.

Consequences for bad grades on progress report are lost credit being ineligible for field trips, repeating classes or athletic ineligible where you can’t play a sport because you are failing a class or classes.

Another negative of midterm grades are that if a student is failing a class it does not only affect you but teachers also. When a student is failing a class it shows that the teacher is not explaining the information correctly or the student does not comprehend the information.

Assistant Principal Amanda Crews believes the worst part of midterm grades is seeing freshmen failing multiple classes.

“You want them to graduate and go on with the school,” said Crews.

 Story By Noah Weiss