News to Us: Reality Store on the horizon for eighth graders

This year eighth grade students will have an opportunity to participate in the first Reality Store on November 21 in the auxiliary gym.

“It is just a little taste of life outside of high school,” said Guidance Counselor Brandi Kerley. This event will show eighth graders how much school is important.

In Reality Store every eighth grader will get a ticket with a job and a salary based on the individual’s GPA. Students will have to balance checkbooks and manage their money.

It is just luck of the draw if you are married or how many kids you have, if any.

There will be 17 booths for students to visit. Professionals and community leaders from the community are taking time to be with us for a couple hours. Every person will be in charge of a different booth.

Judge Blanton will be coming to be in charge of the legal booth. Other booths are transportation, medical and banking.

“I did a test run and I ended up having to return my IPhone to pay my bills,” said Kerley.

Kerley hopes each student takes a little responsibility for themselves to make good choices away from this event.

“I am just so excited,” Kerley said excitedly. She believes this will be a great chance for every eighth grader to experience.

Story by Anna Hutcheson