News to Us: Trending #phsmedianews

On November 3, #phsmedianews debuted on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

The hastag, intended to make all Paolians reporters for the media department, has begun cropping up everywhere.

The idea came from Media Adviser Heather Nichols, who saw the idea in Midwest Living Magazine.

“The magazine had a collection of photos readers had submitted through their own hashtag and I thought we could do it too,” said Nichols.

So far the photos have appeared on the morning TV show “PHS News Today.”

“I’m happy that it’s not just the students in my class it’s also the students outside of my class,” said Nichols.

The hashtagging is not just for students at our school its also for parents, teachers and other people and staff. To join in anyone on social media can tag photos they post by simply adding #phsmedianews in the post.

Nichols was happy to see that even graduates are tagging photos.

“So far there aren’t many people putting hashtags on their pictures, but I think it will grow,” said Nichols.

For Nichols, it is an opportunity to recruit more students to take her class.

“If I find a new picture that’s been posted and I might like really well I might ask them to take photography for my class,” said Nichols.

The media department hopes this will just be another way for people to get involved in telling the story of Paoli High School and beyond.

“My hope in the future is that the link to social media will keep improving our media and more people will get involved.”

Story by Maddie May