News to Us: Thanksgiving Break sooner than usual

Can you wait until Thanksgiving Break?  This year due to a school calendar change, PHS will get an extra day of rest.

“Having an extended break is nice because it allows people to use Wednesday as a travel day if they have a long distance to travel for Thanksgiving,” said Principal Todd Hitchcock.

This year’s break will be from November 27 to December 2. Typically students only get two days out of class. Classes will resume the following Monday. Many schools already offer a three-day break for Thanksgiving.

“I appreciate the Thanksgiving Break being longer because we have family in Indianapolis, Jasper and Dubois area. It makes it difficult to do all of our traveling with no down time for a break,” said Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam. Traveling can take up to one whole day.

Students are equally happy about the change.

“I think it is a good idea because I like staying home and spending time with family,” said freshman Breanna White.

Story by Kelsi White