News to Us: Princess Whatsername Debuting in an Auditorium Near You

Does Arturo really have no shirt on? Yep, because he’s in the “Princess Whatsername” play.

The play is about a character played by senior Hannah Thill who is trying to remember who she is and where she lives. While on the adventure, she finds familiar fairytale characters. Even though they just meet they’re helping her find her way.

There are 35 roles. The Princess and Prince Reveille are the main characters. The play is approximately two hours and written by Brian D. Taylor from Pioneer Drama Service.

Drama director Maria Wishart is directing.

“I picked the play because it had a lot of characters so anyone who wanted to be in the play can be,” said Wishart. “I think it’s going to be fun and fabulous.”

When the play gets all the mistakes out and ready to go she knows her favorite scene.

“My favorite when it’s all done and clean will probably be the scene called ‘Whose prince are you anyways?’,” said Wishart. “I’ve noticed that everyone brings their own talents and different ways of being.”

Admission to the show is $4 for students and $5 for adults. The play starts at 7 p.m. at the Ruth Uyesugi auditorium from November 14 – 16.

Freshman Chase Meehan, sophomore McKinley Haley, and senior Arturo Oceguera rehearse their parts in “Princess Whatsername.”

Story by Alyssa Wilson
Photo by Darrian Breedlove