News to Us: Hall’s Visit Brings Awareness

On November 4 Veteran of the Indianapolis Police Department Terry Hall came to the PHS auditorium to talk to students about issues with sexual assault.

“I think when a child goes through something so traumatic such as a sexual assault, it can impact all aspects of their life if it isn’t addressed. It is very difficult to come to school and focus on class work if you are harboring a secret like that. I want students to know that it is not okay for someone to do that to them and it is not their fault and there are people ready to help and caring people they can lean on for support,” said Junior High Guidance Counselor Brandi Kerley.

Police Officer Terry Hall informed students of the steps to take in case they are put in a bad situation.

“The presentation made me more aware of what kind of stuff is really happening. Now I know what to do if something like that ever happens to me,” said seventh grader Emily Leone.

Students feel more confident in speaking up about known cases.

“I can speak first hand those presentations like this help PHS students speak up. Any time we have a convocation I get the opportunity to talk with very brave and strong students who have come to speak with me about events that have happened in their lives or are reporting on behalf of someone else. These students should be so proud of themselves as I am extremely proud of them,” said Kerley.

Multiple students felt that the presentation helped them understand the importance of taking matters like these seriously.

“I remember that he said to always believe younger siblings, even though they are younger and lie sometimes,” said eighth grader Camilla Wininger.

Officer Hall talks about sexual harassment to students in the auditorium.

Story by ZoraAnn Woodsmall
Photo by Morgan Babcock