News to Us: Security Updates Coming

At the most recent School Board meeting, the board decided it was time to make some significant changes to the safety of the school. In the next few months the board will have a couple additions to keep students and staff safe during school hours.

“Approximately 70 electronic locks will be installed on exterior and interior doors at both buildings,” said Superintendent Casey Brewster. “All electronic locks are equipped with transceivers and can be programmed and adjusted wirelessly and in real-time.”

The corporation was granted a $50,000 safety grant for all these changes at the high school, Throop, the maintenance building and Lost River Career Cooperative.

“The South Central Area Special Education Co-op will have the electronic locks as well.” said Brewster.

During school hours visitors will have limited access until their identity is identified and their purpose of visiting.

“Fencing will be installed in key areas for the safety of students and large crowds at outdoor events,” said Brewster.

Students, parents and staff will notice more efficient access to areas in which they should have access.

“It is important to put safety as our number one priority.  We are always getting information, attending safety conferences and collaborating with other schools on what the best safety measures are for our school,” said Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam.

Limited or no access will only be seen by those who should not have access in any way.

“I expect installation and implementation of improved security measures will take place beginning in December and will likely be completed in January,” said Brewster.

The upgraded safety system will provide a safer environment.

Story by Brianna Butt