Our Voice Counts: Staff Adresses New Board

On November 4, residents of Paoli will head to the polls to vote in the mid-term elections with some local races also on the  line.
One item on the ballot is the election of members to the School Board.
The School Board is an elected group of people who serve as the leadership of the school. They make decisions which impact everyone from students to staff.
With an opportunity for change, our staff hopes to address both the current and potential new members of the board to give them the student perspective.
We surveyed our own staff about what issues we think are the most important and some typical topics came to light.
Our staff would like for the School Board to consider some changes to the rules and policies in the current student handbook. We appreciate the recent changes to the dress code, but feel there are more changes to be made. Many students want loser restrictions on the shorts rule, allowing students to wear shorter shorts. In some classrooms the air conditioning does not always work consistently and being able to wear shorter shorts would help students keep cool.
Another issue the staff would like to address is related to the recent rolled out Chromebooks. We appreciate the technology, but many students in our school do not have internet at home and we would like for the School Board to help figure out a way to make sure every student has internet access at home. Working without internet makes the Chromebooks difficult to use.
Whoever is elected to the School Board next month we hope you will consider these issues in the years to come. Dress code changes and internet might not seem like a huge issue to you, but it absolutely impacts many of us each day.
Good luck, our staff will be around to report on you and if you want our input, you know where to find us.