Eight grader braves high school life

School can be hard by itself, but when you pile on top sports and other activities, it can become overwhelming. Last school year when choosing classes for this school year, I had the choice to be in English 9. That was the only AP class I had, but it was a big decision for me.
When I came into seventh grade I didn’t really know what I was in for being in a higher level, it just kind of hit me. I had to make adjustments to the way I studied and did my school work. But I got through the year with a good average and was eligible to apply for English 9. I decided to go for it. I became better at doing my schoolwork and being dedicated to it, I was confident that I could be in a high school class.
Eighth grade comes around and I’m in for more than I think. The tests and homework are way harder and it wasn’t going too well for me. I eventually had to think of a way to get it together and do better, and I came out successful.
Another high school class I have is newspaper itself, which isn’t too hard for me. It was definitely a lot more work, trying to get a bunch of stories by a deadline. Since I love to write it isn’t too hard. Then I have to add that hard work onto my other class which can become stressful.
I was thrown in a classroom with upperclassmen I don’t know who are way more talented than I am. I’m not afraid to admit I was a little scared but I seriously don’t know what for.
I liked the idea to meet new people and challenge myself so that’s one of the main reasons why I chose to take the classes that I do take. I get a Chromebook and I get to have the experience of being a
high-schooler so it’s worth it.

Written by: Sara Kesterson