STAFF EDITORIAL: Change Attitude, Change Life

Whether you see it or not, people are most likely to see you in a certain way.
It is human nature to judge others. These judgements, often made on image alone, lead to the formation of cliques and their associated stereotypes.
The Paolite staff has its own opinion on cliques and the reputations they often have.
We believe there are cliques here at PHS. We agree that, when it comes to reputations, it is easier for some groups to earn a bad reputation than it is to earn a good one. The staff feels that people’s reputations are based on their attitude and how they act, rather than the clothes they wear or the people they hang out with.
We are undecided as to whether or not cliques are good for individuals. Some of us feel they are bad, as many negative stereotypes can be associated with them. Others believe they are good, as students meet people who have similar interests, and offers them a sense of belonging.
Good or bad, cliques will continue to be there, coexisting in peace, neutrality or conflict with each other.