Scholarship to Honor Wyatt

On August 16, agriculture teacher Kerry Wyatt passed away suddenly after having taught at Paoli for 28 years. Wyatt leaves behind family, friends and a community that will continue to miss his presence in the agriculture department and FFA.

Wyatt left a lasting impression on many of his co-workers at PHS.

“Mr. Wyatt impacted me through all the little things he did which went unnoticed by our staff and students. He was always in support of our teachers. He worked for the teachers to have a voice at our school. He was there to listen and give guidance on career or financial decisions we all face as young enthusiasts in life. I was faced with many obstacles as a coach, teacher and person,” said Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam. “Mr. Wyatt always showed me support no matter what part of my life was challenged.”

Many former students returned to Paoli to pay respect to their teacher and honored him with flowers, gifts and donations to his scholarship fund.

To honor his memory, the Kerry Royce Wyatt Scholarship has been established for any Senior planning a career in agriculture or education.

The Lily Foundation at the Orange County Community Foundation will match fifty cents of every dollar donated. The Wyatt fund Foundation will continue to accept donations for the scholarship. So far the OCCF fund has raised close to $25,000.

Candidates will apply and then be selected by a board made up of Wyatt’s family members as well as agriculture teachers Cory Scott and Kyle Woolston.

“Mr. Wyatt was always a very financially savvy man, loved Agriculture and working with kids. So I think that he would be proud of a scholarship named in his honor to help students financially in their future studies of agriculture,” said Scott.

More information about applying for the scholarship will be made available later on in the school year. The first scholarship will be awarded this May.


Story by Alexis DeCarlo

If you would like to make a donation to the Wyatt scholarship please contact the Orange Country Community Foundation (812) 723-4150.

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