Bullying Convocation

On October 15, every homeroom class had a discussion about bullying. Each class was given a paper with a checklist with subjects that they had to figure out whether or not it was bullying.

“I received positive feedback from several staff members that students engaged in very thoughtful dialogue about what bullying is and isn’t,” said Principal Todd Hitchcock.

The classes discussed scenarios of when it was bullying and why it was wrong with certain audiences. For example, teasing is not necessarily bullying if you’re teasing your friends and they know that you mean no harm. However, teasing becomes bullying when it is constant with a peer that you are not close to. Each homeroom teacher also defined what bullying is.

From the day’s discussion, bullying was define as when a person uses superior strength or influence to intimidate someone typically with force to get what he or she wants.  The reason behind having this meeting about bullying was because all schools in Indiana are required to.

Story by: Renee Lee

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