Football Team Takes on Sectional

On Friday, October 23, the Paoli Rams football team will begin their Sectional run with an away game against the Cascade Cadets.

At the beginning of this season, when the Sectional realignment came out (when teams in each Sectional get switched around), the Rams knew that long travels would be a theme in this year’s Sectional. The Cadets, located just outside of Indianapolis on the west side, the travel time for the Rams will be just under two and a half hours.

If the Rams win that game, they will travel to North Putnam. The Cougars are located just north of Cascade on the west side of Indianapolis, which means the Rams will be traveling even farther the following week.

Travel can be a disadvantage in football games. When traveling long distances, muscles can become tired and very tight and some get sick. Not to mention the intimidation of playing in a foreign place. Hopefully the Rams can overcome that bit of adversity and make their way to their sixth Sectional championship in seven years.

Story by: Garrett Vincent

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