Veteran’s Day Program is Coming Up

On September 11 at 10 a.m., the annual Veteran’s Day Program will be held in the Chambers Gymnasium. The event will honor all of our veterans and any current military service personnel. History teacher Chris Lindley organizes the program every year. Some students from his advanced classes will be registering and greeting veterans, decorating and reading selections.

The colors will be presented by sophomores Madeline Dickey, Travis Mefford, Haley Roach, and Alyssa Wilson. The Pride of Paoli will be performing their “Salute to the Armed Forces”. Taps will be played by junior Caleb Baumgardner and sophomore Dayton Satterfield.

The PHS Varsity Chorale will be performing the Song for Unsung Heroes. Director Chelsea Bolas will lead both the choir as well as a group of faculty singers, who plan to sing the National Anthem.

There will be a Patriotic Art and Essay contest for PHS students. The winner of the essay contest will be invited to read his or her essay at the program, and the artwork will be on display as well.

Story by: Chase Meehan

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