Haley´s Band Career Comes to an End

¨Sometimes it can be stressful, the role of a drum major has a lot of responsibility but it is fun to see the band grow from band camp to State,¨ said senior McKinley Haley.

Haley has been in band for eight years, but has been in marching band for six years. She has held the responsibility as drum major for four years.

Haley had never thought about joining band when she was younger. She was actively involved in school sports and activities and wanted to add something on to the list. So, she joined band and loved it so much she left the other sports behind.

Before becoming a drum major, Haley learned many other instruments.

¨For marching band I’m the drum major (not an instrument) but for concert band I play trombone, bass trombone, baritone and euphonium,¨ said Haley.

Her favorite thing about being in marching band is forming a family and traveling together. She has really enjoyed getting to know all of the members and spending time with them. The only thing that she does not like about band is that it is time consuming, but she says that it is worth it.

Haley is not planning on making a career out of music, but she plans on using it for her religion. Haley is currently participating in her church praise band, and is planning on doing it as long as she can.

Even though band can have it’s ups and downs, Haley is still going to miss it.

¨I am going to miss everything in band from my family, to the music, and even the push ups! Even though band is tiring and sometimes challenging I will miss it. I plan to come back next year and help out with the band program,¨ said Haley.

Story by: Brittany Patton

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