ALICE: Safety Presentation

Wednesday morning, August 30, PHS participated in a safety presentation to show the student body how to react to an intruder in our school. Students watched as the drama club acted out three different ways to react to an intruder in the building: barricade the door with desks and shelves, throw things at the intruder if they manage to enter a classroom and how to evacuate safely.
“To prepare for the presentation, we had Mr. Johnson come in to talk to my theater class. Later, we had Officer Doug Soltwedel come in and discuss more of the particulars in order to get the details right and make sure we were planning what they wanted in the presentation,” said drama teacher Maria Wishart.
Students will experience intruder drills throughout the school year to help them be as safe as possible.
“It is unfortunate that we need to have presentations like this, but being prepared is our best defense,” said Wishart.

Story by Rebekah Reeves

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