Paolite Throwback Feature: Johnson Home in Dream Job

This story is one of a continuing series, highlighting the lives of Paoli High School graduates and their reflections on high school life.

High school is a part of everyone’s life in many different ways. PHS Principal Chad Johnson decided after graduating that he wanted to attend college so he could work in the school environment.
After graduating high school in 2001, Johnson attended Ball State University and got two degrees: a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a concentration in Technology Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. After college, Johnson began teaching at Corydon Central High School. After a year at Corydon, he went to West Washington High School for seven years to teach and coach cross country and girls track. He later began his administrative career at East Washington High School and spent three years there until coming to PHS in 2016. Johnson enjoys working with the students here at PHS.
“I like to talk with them, help them when they need it and show them all the things that an education can do for them,” said Johnson.
High school is a time when many memories are made. Some of Johnson’s best memories from his time as a student at PHS were being a part of the student body and community, attending sports events and hanging out with friends.
Although high school is very enjoyable for some people, when reflecting on it, some people wish they had done some things differently and find things they regret. For Johnson, he regrets not realizing how good life was for him while in high school.
“There were no bills and minimal responsibilities. I wish I could go back sometimes and enjoy those moments once again,” said Johnson.
Johnson believes it is important for students to realize what really matters and not to waste time on something that isn’t important.
From Johnson’s time here as a student, there were many teachers who impacted his life greatly.
“I really enjoyed all of my teachers. Mrs. Wyatt, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Noble, Mr. Andry, Mr. Lindley, Mrs. Bosley and others had a huge impression on me. They taught me how to teach and how to make things fun,” said Johnson.
Johnson is happily married to Karen Johnson, who teaches at Throop as a fifth and sixth grade resource teacher. They have three children, Will, Sophie, and Abigail. Will is in fourth grade, Sophie is in kindergarten and Abigail is seven months old.

Story by Avery Owens

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