Wanted: Uyesugi’s Plays

The drama department is collecting copies of Ruth Uyesugi’s original plays she scripted throughout her years at PHS and is looking to the public for help.

The department currently has the following plays:


  • One More Song
  • We Love You, Miss Maris
  • Vietnam 8: The Final Chapter
  • My Name Is Jamie
  • Unknown Title– The cast includes residents of Millie’s Old Folks’ Home and was possibly done by the class of 1978
  • Unknown Title– The play opens on Halloween night in Dawson Creek in 1910. The characters’ names are Jacob, Jeremiah, Samuel, Abernathy and Luther.





Uyesugi had written a play with a title similar to Tie a Yellow Ribbon, performed during the 2000s, which is missing.

Drama director Maria Wishart plans to photocopy the plays and return them to the owners the same day.

“We want them digital so they can be shared with her family,” said Wishart.

If you know of any plays the department does not have, please email Wishart at wishartm@paoli.k12.in.us.


Story by Rebekah Reeves

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