PACT Angel Tree Brings Holiday Cheer to 78

The holiday season is often referred to as the season of giving, and that is exactly what the PACT program plans to do. PACT Family Consultant Jodi Henry is in charge of the school’s Angel Tree, and this year she has helped the most families the program has ever had here at PHS; 78 students were on the Angel Tree, which helps out 28 families in the community.

“After the first year of doing it I was more comfortable and took on more students. I found myself  not being able to turn anyone away. It was the most I have ever taken on,” said Henry.

PACT Project Coordinator Jodi Henry poses with some of the wrapped gifts donated for the Angel Tree project.
Photo by Karyas Slaten

To put a child’s name on the tree, the staff had a list of families who may need assistance and those families were contacted to put their child on the tree. Then, Henry asked teachers and community members to sponsor those students and to help provide them with a little holiday cheer.

“It is such a great feeling to be able to make a positive impact on others, possibly giving them
a little hope.”

“It is such a great feeling to be able to make a positive impact on others, possibly giving them a little hope, and make Christmas a little less stressful for those who might be struggling to provide or afford it for their kids. They were so appreciative. Some got a little emotional, some asked if they could hug me, some offered to help next year, all of them very thankful that the school and PACT allows me do this every year. I want to also give a shout out to Kim, Jackie for helping this be successful by spending time away from their already busy schedule to make sure the gifts that are turned each day make it to my room. I appreciate it so much,” said Henry.

Story by Michael Hannon

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