Three PHS Choir Members Selected for Honor Choir

Three PHS Choir Members Selected for Honor Choir

Amanda Bowles, Paolite Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 Honor Choir auditions were held at Forest Park on September 8. Every participant was required to go through an audition process, and only the best were selected by a panel of judges from the Indiana Choral Directors Association. Honor choir allows students to learn more difficult music and sing with students from other schools. “Awake the Harp” by Joseph Hayden is the piece that all participants used for auditions. The same piece will be performed at Fort Wayne on January 18 by the Honor Choir.

This year, three students from PHS’s Advanced Choir were selected: senior Megan Poe, sophomore Christopher Frias and freshman Ryleigh Anderson. These students will again travel to Forest Park on September 31 for a mandatory practice with all accepted Honor Choir Members.

I was honestly shocked! I thought I did terrible on the audition and had convinced myself that I didn’t make it. It was a wonderful surprise to find out I had made it,” said Anderson.

Aside from the excitement of being selected, these students have a long road ahead in order to prepare for their performance.

“My practicing technique will not change. I’ll make sure to continue to use our recordings that we have and practice nonstop,” said Poe.

Choir Director B.J. Crowder was very pleased with the results. Although some members were not selected, they gained valuable experience through the auditions.

“My advice for the three honor choir members is to practice and challenge yourselves to be the best that you can. More importantly, cherish every minute of it, make new friends and create lifelong memories,” said Crowder.