JAG Looks to the Future

JAG Looks to the Future

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is an organization that helps prepare students for future jobs. JAG members and coordinator Katie Cook will meet with other schools’ JAG programs to address multiple topics on Wednesday, September 26.

“This year the students that will be attending this conference from our school will be juniors  Samantha Shields and Conner Taylor and seniors Kyana Newlin, Avrey Richards, Isiah Beavers and Myranda Hickman. They will meet up with different schools and start planning to be up to date on events,” said Cook.

There are seven schools in Paoli’s region that will be attending the meeting, which are Mitchell, Eastern Greene, Owen Valley, Edgewood, Washington, Brown County and Bedford North Lawrence high schools.  

“We will have guest speakers and learn about developing as leaders, taking initiative, planning and following through,” said Cook. 

This year, the meeting will be held at Spring Mill Inn. Part of the meeting will also be focused on communication skills and team building skills for all members, while the other part will be planning for the upcoming years of JAG. 

“We will also form a plan for the school year and a timeline for implementing each activity,” said Cook.  

If students are interested in planning and preparing for their future, JAG would be a potential organization to look into for next year.

Story by Corinne Magner and Hayley Taylor