The Blessing Box Project Continues


Makiya Russelburg, Paolite Staff Writer

This year, PHS is continuing the Blessing Box community project. The Blessing Box is where nonperishable food items and personal hygiene items are placed for those in need. 

“The goal of the Blessing Box is to prevent the need for food and personal items in our community. Many homes struggle to provide enough so we are helping to prevent that struggle for many families,” said Coordinator Catherine Henderson. 

Over the span of 18 months, the project has expanded to three different locations within the community and is continuing to grow. The Blessing Boxes can be found outside of Reflections on the Paoli Square, Eastview Baptist Church on highway 56 and First Pentecostal Church by the iron bridge on South Gospel Street. 

Anyone can donate to the Blessing Box, just as anyone is welcome to take items from the box. As of now, Throop Elementary staff and students, 4-H club members, local Girl Scout members, community businesses and citizens have contributed to the donations. 

“Thank you to everyone who has helped donate items, money or supported the boxes in anyway,” said Henderson.