Staying Safe in Winter Weather


Winter weather can cause problems for everyone, especially with the conditions of roads. When deciding whether or not to delay or cancel school due to weather, the final say comes from Superintendent Greg Walker.

There are no specific requirements when deciding to delay or cancel school. I look at is it safe for buses to transport students and ask myself would I want my child riding a bus that day. To be thorough I get up at 4 a.m., consult with neighboring superintendents as what their conditions are. I also watch the weather to see what is going to happen in the next few hours,” said Walker. 

Along with communicating with other schools, Walker and Transportation and Athletic Director Darek Newkirk drive the roads and get updates from the County Highway Department to check  conditions. All of these precautions take place within two hours before the official announcement of whether school is cancelled, delayed or on-time at 6 a.m.

After a delay or cancellation is made, it takes about 30 minutes to get notifications out. Walker first calls, texts and emails everyone in the Remind system. He then notifies area radio stations and Louisville T.V. stations.

Two-hour delays help minimize the amount of make-up school days because those days are not made up. The extra two hours allows improved visibility and potentially less traffic on the road.  

If parents and/or students are not receiving any of the notifications about cancellations or delays, they could stay updated by radio or T.V or make sure their names are on the notification list.

Story by Amanda Bowles