Culinary Arts Classes Work to Fund Field Trips


In order to fund field trips, labs and other activities throughout the year, FACS teacher Debbie Andry and her culinary arts classes must fundraise.

Andry helps contribute by working concessions at ball games at PHS. When the students help, they can also raise $20 toward their food while on field trips and other activities students may do in the class. Each time the students and Andry work, they earn $50 for helping.  

“I know the field trips that we take are very expensive. I want to make sure students are going to be able to afford to go. Each student that works a ball game will earn $20 out of the $50 towards their food during field trips that we may take,” said Andry. 

The last field trip Andry’s classes took was to Louisville, Kentucky to the Cheesecake Factory and Williams-Sonoma in the Mall of St. Matthews. 

In addition to her high school classes, Andry sponsors a Sew Can We Club which also helps with funding. The Sew Can We Club uses the money to help buy fabrics and designs for sewing. From volleyball season, they made a total of $800, $200 from Sew Can We Club and $600 for the cooking classes.

“In order to be able to help and work concessions you have to be in one of my classes, or be in the Sew Can We Club,” said Andry. 

The next field trip that her high school classes will be taking is to Sullivan University. Contact Andry if you are interested in working concessions to raise money for future trips and projects.

Story by Corinne Magner