Booster Club Reaches Beyond PHS


Michael Hannon, Paolite Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 4, the PHS Booster Club announced art teacher Chris Jones as the winner of their new Kiss the Pig fundraiser.

The booster club was looking for a new way to raise money to help the community and decided Kiss the Pig would be successful. All of the money raised was given to PCSC community member Denny Followell, who is battling cancer.

To raise the money, jars were placed out during lunch that had different teachers’ faces on them. In order to vote for a teacher, students placed money in that teacher’s jar. The teacher with the most money had to kiss the pig.

Of course we would have loved to have raised thousands of dollars, but we did raise over $200. I’m very pleased with that. Every little bit helps, and I know the Followell family is very appreciative. I am thankful to the Booster Club members who gave up their lunches and to all the students and organizations who donated. The Ram Family is the best family,” said Booster Club sponsor Rachel Miller.