Drama Club Adapts to Changes


This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many clubs have altered the way they conduct meetings, including Drama Club. Last year, the production of Peter and The Starcatcher was put on hold just six rehearsals before opening night. Drama Director Maria Wishart hopes to be able to debut the show this year. However, numerous safety measures have to be met.

“The pandemic changes everything about practicalities. What it doesn’t change is that we love  working together to create performance art and that theater speaks to people and brings them together in unique ways,” said Wishart. 

Regulations have been put into place for rehearsals. There is a limit to only two rehearsals per week, and during these rehearsals, everyone is required to wear face masks and social distance when possible. To maximize social distancing, rehearsals will be held outside when possible. Surfaces that actors come into contact with often, such as the dressing room tables and props, must be sanitized before and after rehearsal. Actors and actresses are also required to self monitor any coronavirus related symptoms. 

When it comes to performances, audience members will also be required to follow set regulations, and patrons who do not abide by these guidelines will be asked to leave. 

Audience members will be given the chance to purchase tickets beforehand to limit the amount of contact through the box office, and the max capacity for shows is 250 people. Anyone attending will be required to social distance and sit six feet apart in the auditorium. Social distancing will also be required when audience members use the restroom facilities.

“We have dedicated so much already to this particular show, so we want very much to give kids the chance to perform it. After this, however, we will be looking at different ways to approach theater. That means virtual options at least for a while,” said Wishart.

Story by Amanda Bowles