PHS Band Under New Direction


With a school year already so full of changes, a positive change came with the new Band Director Zachary Tibbs. Tibbs is an unfamiliar face students may pass in the hallway or see directing the band at rehearsals or football games.

As a second year teacher and conductor with years of band experience himself, Tibbs isn’t a rookie to either field — only to PHS. After teaching at Navarre Middle School in South Bend, Tibbs came here with the intent to become a better educator and to aid students in their musical journey. He teaches students in grades 5 through 12, which he admits is very different from his prior job at which he only instructed middle schoolers. However, Tibbs is welcoming of the change. 

“I am excited to get to work with a talented group of musicians and to help foster the love of music in all that I teach,” said Tibbs.

He started developing this passion back in sixth grade when he first joined the band, though it grew mostly during his marching band career, beginning with his freshman year at John Glenn High School. Tibbs received his high school diploma and went on to focus on General Music and Instrumental Music at Indiana Wesleyan University. There, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education.

All of this led him to where he is today. So far, Tibbs is enjoying his new position, though he is ready for things to go back to normal so marching band can start up again.“I am definitely looking forward to having a regular marching band season once COVID is over,” said Tibbs.

Story by Masden Embry