Booster Club’s Music Team Heads Friday Jams


Joz Kempf, Paolite Staff Writer

On October 5, Booster Club Director Rachel Miller announced the club’s new Music Team. This group of students will be responsible each week to select the music played during each passing period on Fridays. 

Based on who volunteered and her opinion of who would be best for the job, Miller selected five members: juniors Laykin Busick, Elijah MacDonald, Kenzie Robertson, Hayley Taylor, Jozalyn Kempf and senior Tara Robbins. Kempf was given the job of finalizing the music list.

“I’m appointing Joz to be the Music Czar, so she’ll have the final call on the list,” Miller wrote on the PHS Booster Club page of Google Classroom. 

Throughout the week, the students will be responsible for searching through and selecting five songs out of the requests sent in by other students. The songs must not reference drugs, sex, or anything else Miller deems inappropriate in the school setting. 

“[We] try to pick songs that will be upbeat. No sad love songs or anything if you can help it,” said Miller.

By Thursday afternoon, the lists are finalized by the group and Kempf sends the final list to Miller through Google Classroom. They then will be put into a playlist on Miller’s phone, that she will entrust a student with to play the music through the P.A. System during the passing periods. Deciding the student responsible is also one of the jobs of the Music Team. 

“With me in charge, there is definitely going to be more variety on Fridays,” said Kempf, “Like, a lot less country.”

To request music, fill out the form available by email or on the Booster Club website at