ASVAB to be Administered November 5


On Thursday, November 5, all PHS seniors will be taking the ASVAB, a test administered by the U.S. military to assess students’ strengths in different areas, such as writing and science.

“All seniors, and a few juniors, will be taking the test, regardless of if they passed ISTEP or not,” said Test Coordinator and Vice Principal, Ed Wagner. “Some students will need it if they plan on pursuing the military after they leave PHS.”

In the past, there have been concerns from students about taking the ASVAB due to it being a test from the military.

“Students are not automatically enlisting in the military when they take the test,” Wagner said. “PHS is offering it to give our students more opportunities.”

The ASVAB can also be useful for students who are still unsure of their career path.

“This test is also useful for students who aren’t sure what they want to do in the future or aren’t sure how they are performing in a certain academic area,” Wagner said. “It also might let students know of an unknown strength in a field they weren’t considering.”

The ASVAB is an entrance exam for the military, meaning that the standards for passing are high.

“In order to pass, a student must attain a score of 31 or higher,” Wagner said. “However, failure does not negatively affect students who are not pursuing the military. That being said, students should still try their best.”

Anyone with questions should contact Wagner through [email protected]

Story by Chandler Hinton