New Club Emerges at PHS


On October 30, Choir teacher Chris Boveraux set the stage for a new club to take root at PHS. Boveraux advertised a virtual Dungeons and Dragons match to encourage new members to join.

Fifteen new members logged onto the Google Meet call. They didn’t end up starting a game after all because they were too busy discussing the future of the club. The match was rescheduled on a date to be announced. For now, the group is planning on playing D&D as well as other tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPG). 

“[TTRPG’s] are great for the school environment. [The games implement] creative writing, improvisational speaking, theater, math, logic, reading, and critical thinking, wrapped up in a vehicle for collaborative storytelling.The appeal of these kinds of games is the chance to tell stories, and the appeal of the stories is that they are told through the decisions and gameplay of everyone at the table,” said Boveroux.

At its roots, D&D is a game composed of ink, paper, and imagination. This makes it an easy game to start with as it can be done at a distance. The structure of the game is also flexible enough to allow players to join and rejoin as they please. 

“Without COVID, we’d have the option to be in-person, as well as use maps and figures to add elements to the game,” said Boveroux. 

Throughout the following week, he interviewed students interested in being in charge of the game play. He is also putting together a more regular gaming schedule. Anyone who is interested can still join the gaming club by entering this code on Google Classroom: soo4sq2.

Story by Jozalyn Kempf