JAG Students Brighten Up Rainy Days


The students in JAG class have started a new project called Soaked Quotes. With this project, JAG students use a special paint to write quotes on the sidewalk around the school, but you can only see the quote when it rains. 

‘‘Our goal is to make people smile on rainy days. It’s like a little surprise that makes you look twice because you are not expecting it,’’ said JAG Advisor Katie Cook.

The JAG students came up with the idea during a Leadership Conference at Spring Mill over a year ago when the students were challenged with the task of coming up with a way to improve their school or community, but due to Covid-19, the project was put on hold.

‘‘I hope the students have fun with this project and can have a sense of accomplishment from successfully completing the project, start to finish. I hope they understand the process of decision making, critical thinking, and hard work will pay off,’’ said Cook.

The JAG class also hopes to expand the project in the future to off of school grounds and eventually paint quotes all over town.

Story by Libby Padgett