Caring Crew Promotes Spreading Sunshine


Libby Padgett, Paolite Staff Writer

The Caring Crew recently started a new project called The Sunshine Project. This project was designed to spread positivity throughout our school. The Caring Crew and the Sunshine Project were started by 2020 graduate Lauren Rutherford and they are now being run by junior Amanda Bowles. Teachers and students can fill out a form and send “sunshine” to someone else in the form of a quote or personal message. 

“The sunshine project is a way to spread positivity through our school. So if a student is struggling a teacher can send some ‘sunshine’ showing the students that someone is concerned and thinking about them. Many teachers also include some helpful advice and inspirational quotes to help improve a students day,” said Bowles.

The Caring Crew is hoping to expand the project in the future and sell goody bags for $2 a piece in order to raise money for the club. At the moment, they are just taking donations. 

“With all the troubles the world has faced this year and the uncertainty of the coming year, everyone needs a little sunshine. The Caring Crew wants to promote that positive outlet and find a way to keep everyone’s spirits up in this dark time,” said Bowles.

Anyone interested in sending some sunshine should fill out the Google form in their email.