Umpleby Finishes Out Senior Season


Makiya Russelburg, Paolite Staff Writer

Senior Lauren Umpleby has come to terms with the fact that her senior season of basketball did not go how she had always expected.

“It has definitely been an unusual season with all of the changes we have had to make, but we have adapted. COVID has changed almost everything about the season. We lost a lot of our season to quarantines and cancelations. Along with that, we don’t mix varsity and junior varsity, we go into the locker room in groups, and there are very few people allowed at the games,” said Umpleby.

Despite the many changes throughout the season, Umpleby has still continued to work hard and set goals for herself. 

“I wanted to become more active on the offensive side of the floor this season. I have done this in part, but there is always a way to get better,” said Umpleby. 

Umpleby hopes her team continues to persevere through the changes and makes it as far as possible in Sectional play. 

“My favorite part of the season has been celebrating in the locker room after a win, and we have to win more games to continue to do that,” said Umpleby.